Meet our RCC Funding Awardees

Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness in collaboration with designated staff from the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (DMHDDSAS) is honored to a part of the selection team providing funding and technical support for the establishment and/or further enhancement of Recovery Community Centers in the region. 

In 2016, Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness received this $50,000 funding award to bring the vision of founder, Kevin Mahoney, to life. Seven years later, we are thrilled to be able to continue this process and help start or expand existing Recovery Community Centers so the power of recovery and peer support can be experienced from the mountains to the sea! If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for this funding and technical support, call Samantha Bradley at 828-371-5747 and/or go to the application page

Below are the current roster of Recovery Community Centers who have been awarded the pass-through funding and technical support. 

Analensgi Recovery Center located on the campus of the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority provides a variety of behavioral health, recovery and family services for members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. 

For more info call 828-497-9163 or visit their website.

IMPACT Peer Support Services supports individuals across McDowell County who struggle with substance use and co-occurring challenges like infectious disease, family separation, chronic homelessness and overdose.

For more info call 828-237-3502 or visit their website.

Love and Respect Community for Recovery and Wellness is the first peer-run & managed recovery community center in Hendersonville, NC, serving those in recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. We help people navigate mental health and substance use recovery systems, social systems and community reentry from incarceration.

For more info call 828-595-2202 or visit their website.

Promise Resource Network in Charlotte, NC is survivor led, recovery focused and wellness driven. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to through a 24/7 Warm-Line, or  join an on-line community of people learning together and supporting one another, PRN may have something that inspires you to reclaim your identity, your voice, your well-being and your life.

For more info call 704-390-7709 or visit their website.

Mediation and Restorative Justice Center’s Homestead Recovery Center is located in Boone, NC.  Their mission is to be a unified voice and access point for peer-led recovery in Watauga County through welcoming, inclusive and supportive spaces where all community members can participate in recovery

For more info call 828-355-9943 or visit their website.

SeekHealing Haywood County is making opportunities for human connection universally accessible in order to improve social health in local communities and reduce deaths of despair.

For more info call 828- 558-3092 or visit their website.

Wilkes Recovery Center  is located in Wilkesboro, NC. Through the wisdom of lived experience Wilkes Recovery Revolution, Inc. is creating a community where recovery from addiction is possible through; Restoring Hope, Repairing Lives, and Rebuilding Community.

For more info call 828-497-9163 or visit their website.

The Nexus is a program of GreenTree Peer Support Program located in Winston-Salem, NC.  They are a peer-operated wellness center that empowers people to live more fully through peer support, self-help education, and great social connections. 

One natural portal of access to the Nexus is our Refuge house where local hospitals allow us to receive individuals in crisis but who are not admitted for clinical care.  From the Refuge our peer support begins with most of our guests choosing to receive ongoing support after their Refuge stay, including support for individualized next steps in their recovery or harm reduction support.  

For more info call 828-497-9163 or visit their website.

Cheoah Recovery Community Center in Graham County offers a haven for  individuals seeking support and empowerment on their journey to recovery from addiction and mental health challenges. Our center provides a safe and welcoming space for peer support groups, educational workshops and holistic wellness activities. 

The Hope and Healing Recovery Center at Burke United Christian Ministries   exists to inspire individuals facing substance use disorder and mental health challenges, particularly those in the homeless community. We emphasize healing, acceptance, and empowerment. Education, outreach, and group support are central to our mission, serving as the bedrock of our efforts. Through collaboration, we foster resilience, guiding individuals to reclaim their narratives with strength and dignity.

For more info call 828-433-8075 or visit their website.