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About Sunrise Community

We help people navigate mental health systems, social and community re-entry from incarceration. Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO), and is the first peer-staffed and managed organization in Western North Carolina, meaning all staff are persons certified by the state to utilize their lived experience with mental health and substance use disorders, houselessness or incarceration to help others with their life journey.  

Sunrise Community helps fill gaps in systems of care for some of our most vulnerable populations- the houseless, the recently incarcerated, individuals experiencing substance use and mental wellness challenges and more. We offer support, dignity and a “we’ll meet you where you are” attitude that provides opportunities for individuals to discover their own recovery journey through peer support, free services, a pathway to gainful employment as a Peer Support Specialist and resource connection.

Our unique value-add is our staff of Certified Peer Support Specialists, who are the hands and heart of our organization and provide a unique evidence- based connection that helps remove stigma, reduce loneliness and lower rates of incarceration, hospitalization and recidivism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and the community to manage and overcome substance use and mental health challenges.

Our Purpose

Sunrise Community for Recovery & Wellness provides a variety of programs and services for individuals affected by substance use and mental health challenges. We also seek to serve as a community umbrella to all local organizations with similar missions.

Our History

In 2016, the local nonprofit, Mountain Council Recovery Coalition transitioned to peer leadership and became Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness. Sunrise was founded for the purpose of providing individuals and the community with accessible, cost-free peer support services for those in recovery or for those seeking recovery from substance use and mental health challenges.

Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness has grown from a small, volunteer-driven, peer-led network of individuals into a successful and expanding regional non-profit organization with a staff of 30+ full-and part-time Certified Peer Support Specialists. Sunrise is recognized as the regional Recovery Community Organization for the western part of North Carolina.

Since its inception, Sunrise has been a vocal advocate for the utilization of peer support as an adjunct service to clinical supports within the continuum of behavioral health services; for the creation of peer support resources to address gaps in services; and to help community members seeking recovery navigate, identify and engage with available services and resources.