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Problem Gambling Resources

These resources are to be used in coordination with other mental health/substance use supportive services. Regarding people struggling with problem gambling, over 60% also have a personality “disorder”, over 49% also have a mood “disorder”, and over 41% also have an anxiety “disorder”. Over a third have alcohol use struggles, over half use nicotine, and about a quarter struggle with substance use. 


Problem Gambling Self-Assessment/Recovery Planning tool workbook:

Personal stories of people overcoming problem gambling:

Educational videos and personal stories about problem gambling: 

E-Books about problem gambling: 

Child focused learning about problem gambling: 

In depth Financial Tool for Problem Gambling struggles: 

Problem Gambling Warmline: 1.800.552.4700

Sunrise Community 24/7 Warmline: 1.828.280.2554

Gamblers Anonymous:

Gam-Anon (Support for Family and loved ones of someone struggling):  

GamTalk (24/7 Peer Support staffed online forum) 

NC Problem Gambling Program: 1.877.718.5543

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255

For support and to connect with resources (to include those with co-occurring substance use and/or mental health struggles) visit Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness: or call 1.828.552.3858.