Often, when we think about creativity we think about art. However, art is just one way that creativity can be expressed. We are all creative by nature – we solve problems and create beauty – whether that beauty is a painting, a landscaping job, a fun outfit, a sweet guitar riff, or a home improvement project. 

We express our creativity in different ways, 

but everyone is creative in some way or another. 

As humans we have the gift of being able to play with different ways of seeing things. We can shift perspective in how we see ourselves, the world, our problems and our potential solutions.

Recovery is a creative process. 

People in recovery are creating new lives for themselves, and the work of envisioning a different possible future for yourself can be a powerful act of creative transformation. 

How does your creativity show up in your life and in your recovery? 

Do you use creative arts as wellness tools in recovery? 

What are some of your personal creative goals? 

January is International Creativity Month, and Sunrise is embracing the opportunity to celebrate our creativity as people in recovery. 

Join Sunrise for two special Creative Recovery groups in January – on Wednesday, 01/13, and Wednesday, 01/27 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm. 

We’ll be sharing inspiration and connecting peer-to-peer about ways that creativity supports recovery and wellness and also sharing in some digital co-creation time where we get out our pens (or paints!) and spend time creating together – even if we are apart!

Click here or the image above to access the group

Don’t Have Wi-Fi? Please call 1-646-558-8656 and enter Meeting ID: 941-932-687

Also, check our Facebook page for regularly posted prompts and creativity check-ins! Click here or on the Download button below for a .pdf of all the creativity prompts we’ll be sharing this month!

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