The distance we can go and the number of people we can bring recovery to depends on the support of this community as we collectively reckon with the public health crises of substance use, trauma, and poverty. 

The Recovery Mobile! Project is a community-funded program that provides Peer Support Specialists and recovery community collaborators and supporters access to the means to reach out to communities that may not have easy access to support and recovery services and to work with communities to share information, provide wellness resources and Peer Support to make recovery more visible and more possible here in WNC!

Donations made to the Recovery Mobile! Fund will go directly toward the purchase and equipping of a suitable van or bus which will be utilized to provide Peer Support and outreach to communities that may be underresourced or have barriers to accessing support and services in recovery. 

To make a donation to the Recovery Mobile! Fund, please use the link below and select Other in the dropdown Donation menu!

For more information on how you or your business might support the Recovery Mobile! Project, please contact Sue Polston at

Thank you for all you do to support the recovery community here in WNC!