History of Sunrise Community


The Mountain Coalition for Recovery and Wellness(MCRW) was originally organized and incorporated as the Mountain Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence(MCADD) on April 20, 2006.   The purpose of the organization was originally focused on work force development providing continuing education programs for individual seeking a career in or already working in the fields of alcohol and substance use services.

The organization broadened its focus to include an Addiction Recovery Candlelight Vigil at City County Plaza on September, 2011.

Participants in the regular meetings included members of the Western Highlands staff as well as substance use advocates and professionals.  Agendas for the meetings included discussions of substance use needs in Buncombe County as well as new services being implemented to address needs.

In April, 2012, the membership established the priority for a focus on recovery support services in Buncombe County.  The concept of a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) became the framework for future activity.  A major educational session on Recovery was held in February, 2013.  The grouped establish its identity as the MCADD-WHN Recovery Task Force.

A questionnaire of individuals in recovery was developed and over 300 individual responses were generated.  The survey results, along with a vision for the development of ROSC in Western NC were presented at the statewide Recovery Conference on November, 2013 in Durham.

The identity of the task force was changed to the Mountain Council Recovery Coalition as of October 4, 2013.  The process of continued exploration of the development of a ROSC occurred throughout 2014.  A natural next step was the change in the official name of MCADD to the Mountain Coalition for Recovery and Wellness(MCRW) effective October 27, 2014. MCRW caused on developing supportive relationships with peer run organizations and information sharing with coalition members. Membership included over 40 different organizations and interested individuals.

In 2015, MCRW began developing linkages with the Sunrise Community in West Asheville.  MCRW provided small grants to Sunrise to enhance their operation. MCRW assisted the initial Western North Carolina Recovery Rally which was held on September 19 in Lake Junaluska.

In January, 2016, MCRW decided to apply for a Recovery Community Center grant with MCRW merging with Sunrise along with another name change, creating Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness, (SCRW).  On April 30, the grant was awarded to MCRW/SCRW.   During the four months which have followed, MCRW/SCRW board expanded making it a priority to have the majority of board members in recovery.  A Recovery Community Center office at 370 North Louisiana Ave. in West Asheville was established.  The first paid staff were hired. Sunrise has been chosen by Recovery Centers of North Carolina, (RCNC) to develop and operate an Access to Recovery, (ATR) support vouchers program in Buncombe County beginning in September, 2016. The ATR programs assist individuals to overcome obstacle to early recovery.

The 10-year journey from MCADD’s work force development services to the new independent, not for profit SCRW organization has utilized a broad range of community expertise and dedication to the fact that recovery is possible, and to the importance of empowerment in recovery. Much optimism exists for the future.